It’s a strange relationship Olive and Hazel have. On one hand, they’re best friends. Very rarely will you ever see them apart from one another. If Hazel gets up to get something to eat, Olive is right behind her. If Hazel goes upstairs to look out the window, Olive goes along to look out the same window.

But there’s also a dark side to the relationship. Olive is just over a year old, making her nearly twelve years younger than Hazel. As a cat who is just leaving the kitten years, Olive likes to play. A lot. And I use the term “play” a little loosely. I guess “attack” might be a better term.

Although Olive is certain she’s just having fun, Hazel will make sounds similar to those heard in AC/DC albums and/or exorcisms. Naturally, it was pretty startling at first, but when you have two cats that are as different from one another as Olive and Hazel, you learn to live with a little noise.