And so, Olive made off with the leprechaun’s gold, never to return. Strapped for cash, the leprechaun agreed to star in a horror film, and the career of Jennifer Aniston was launched. Many sequels would be made, one of which would take place in outer space, and two more in “the hood.”

But enough about that. So what is it about St Patrick’s day anyway? It’s one of those strange holidays in which an entire work day can pass without any mention of said holiday, but once the sun sets, people start downing green beer, beating each other senseless and step-dancing on top of tables. “Everyone’s Irish tonight! Let’s dance, drink and fight!”

It’s kind of a scary holiday when you think about it. I may stay in with my wife and the cats where it’s safe. Strike that. I’ll be on my way to Chicago for C2E2. It should be a blast. Maybe I’ll see you there!