A couple weeks ago, we learned the secret origin of Olive. But where the heck did Hazel come from?

Hazel was actually the first cat that we got, and it wasn’t really planned at all. Meg and I had always liked cats, and while we were open to the idea of having one, we weren’t actively looking.

Then one day, we found out that someone who Meg’s Dad had worked with in the past was giving away all five of his cats. He had recently gotten married, and his new wife was not a fan of cats at all. To the point where all five had to go.

So we talked it over, and agreed that we’d take Hazel. It was pretty rough going at first. She had lived with her last owner and the other cats for ten years, and part of me felt terrible for taking her from them. But we knew that we could give here a good home (there was no crazy Olive in the picture yet).

So what happened next? Tune in next week to find out!