Going to C2E2 this year? Like the CAAATS!? Well you’re in luck, because I’ll be at the show! We should totally hang out.

C2E2 is a massive convention, and I’m super excited about the opportunity to be there this year. I will have the first two print edtiions of CAAATS! on hand, along with my other book, The Troll and The Giant.

You will also be able to get print editions of Mystery Solved!, the webcomic of skepticism and adventure, written by Mr. Zack Kruse or snag yourself a copy of the much anticipated EOC Anthology, which features over 200 pages of stories by a large group of very talented writers and artists (my story features a Honey Badger).

And as always, I’ll be doing commissions and will have a bunch of prints available too.

So if you’re at the show, swing by BOOTH 692 in Webcomics Alley! I’ll be splitting the space with Jon Westhoff and Bobgar Ornelas of King Bone Press. Can’t wait!