Back in 2011, Olive made it to the end of the rainbow and took a leprechaun’s gold, leaving him broke and depressed. In 2012, she took pity on the leprechaun and gave him one of the raptor eggs that she bought with her gold. This year, that raptor has hatched and has been trained in the art of war by the leprechaun. Let the final battle begin!

Also, there’s some big news that I’ve been waiting a while to share, but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Get it? Do you get it? Anyway, the news. This Friday (March 15) will mark the beginning of a series of bonus strips that I’ll be posting each week. That’s right, every Friday you’ll be getting a second dose of CAAATS! for the week!

The bonus strips will focus on some of the side characters that have been introduced over the years like Vinnie the stuffed rat and Francesco the spider (oh, those old charmers). They’ll run in a three panel black and white format, very similar to what you would see in a newspaper (newspapers still exist, right?).

So this is kind of an experiment, and I’m curious to see what everyone thinks once we get rolling. For the time being, I’m planning on doing two updates a week for the next few months, but if things ends up being really successful, I’d love to keep it ongoing.

So that’s it. Are you excited? I’m excited. See you this Friday!