Don’t get me wrong, I happen to love what I do, but I believe that everyone needs a day or two out of the year to just … sit around and junk? My wardrobe of choice when I’m doing a whole lot of nothing is my ninja turtles t-shirt because I know I probably won’t be seen out in public by anyone. Although sometimes I do forget to draw the blinds when I’m pretending to fight the Shredder.

And around 9 a.m. it starts to dawn on Olive that I’m not going anywhere that day and this wave of manic energy starts to wash over her. She runs up the stairs, up and down the hallway and then tops it off by tackling Hazel. It’s cool that she gets excited like that, but I always have to explain to her that Hazel is not a thing that you punch/kick when you feel the spirit moving through you.