Yes, it’s true. Closed doors frighten Hazel. If she encounters one, she does everything she can to pry it open with her small paws, not because she needs to get through, but because the idea of a closed door feels entirely too limiting.

One morning when I was getting ready, Hazel noticed that the door was open, but only a little. Unsatisfied with the openness of the door, she began to pull at it with one paw in an attempt to get it open all the way. Suddenly, a black paw shot through the gap and nailed her between the eyes.

Hazel was not about to take this sitting down, and began to swing back at her attacker from behind the safety of the door. This continued for a little while, mostly because I was laughing too hard to break it up.

Eventually, I made may way to the door and flung it open. There sat Olive, wide-eyed and shocked that she had been caught. Her only option was retreat, and she scurried off into the shadows.