October is in full swing which means things are going to get spooooky here at CAAATS!

Once in a while, there’s a pinch of reality mixed into the strips and the idea for this one actually came to me last Christmas when our daughter Georgia received a stuffed animal that bore a striking resemblance to a real life deer. So much so that Olive tackled it to the floor and bit into it’s throat. Was she hunting? Was she protecting the family from an intruder? I guess we’ll never know.

Also, the laughing mounted deer head at the end of this strip is a nod to Evil Dead II, my favorite horror film to watch when Halloween is getting close. There’s also a lot of comedy mixed into the film, which makes it a lot of fun. The clip is a little creepy, so younger readers may want to skip it, but you can view it here if you dare.

See you next week for more spooktacular fun!