So two weeks ago, the lives of Meghan and I changed forever with the birth of our first daughter, Georgia Mary Anne Gross. We’re overjoyed that she’s here now and have been having an awesome time as parents. Sure, there are a few long nights here and there, but they’re worth it 🙂

Initially, I was a little nervous about bringing a baby home to the cats. I’d heard a few scary stories about infants being attacked by jealous pets (don’t you just love those?) but to be perfectly honest, the baby and the cats have been getting along great.

At first, Hazel kept her distance, but has been gradually warming up to the baby. Olive, on the other hand, instantly fell in love and enjoys sitting in on all of the feedings and diaper changes. It’s almost too cute for words.

We’ve experienced so much happiness lately, so I hope today’s strip gives you a smile or a laugh too. Sorry if I’ve sounded a little hokey. Babies do that to you 😉