Sometimes I watch Olive’s acrobatics and think of her as a type of martial arts star. But let’s face it. The Chuck Norris thing has gotten a liiittle old. So I decided to go down the road less traveled. That of Jean Claude Van Damme.

My favorite part about Van Damme fight scenes is the way he integrates the act of doing the splits into the battle. So the strip above is based on a scene from Timecop, which actually has some swearing in it, so to keep things friendly for younger readers, here is a clip of David Letterman pulling off the exact same move.

And as a side note, this is actually the last strip of 2011! Thank you so much to all the readers out there for making it a great year! I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to stop by and give the comic a look. There is a lot of fun stuff lined up for 2012 - see you then!