So if you hadn’t heard yet, Meghan and I are having a second daughter at the end of May. We’re both super excited and are busy getting everything ready for the new arrival.

What you may not have heard was how I found out we were having another baby, or at least what led me to strongly believe we were having another until my wife confirmed it for certain. That’s right, it was Olive.

See when Meg was pregnant with Georgia, Olive became super clingy, which isn’t really like her at all. She wouldn’t leave Meg’s side and seemed to pay special interest to her stomach in particular. It’s like she could somehow sense exactly what was going on, which is extremely cool and borderline creepy. As time passed, Hazel started to join in too. She’s older and her senses aren’t as sharp as they used to be, but towards the end of the pregnancy she would actually lay on Meg with an ear up to her stomach, trying to hear the baby.

So when all of this started going on again a few months ago, I thought to myself, “We’re having another one, aren’t we?” Days later, Meg gave me the news. And that is the coolest thing I ever learned about owning a cat.