Poor Olive. Valentine’s Day never goes very well for her despite her skill with a bow. Perhaps the key to Hazel’s heart can be found by not shooting pointy objects at her.

Hey, wanna know something cool? CAAATS! is three years old today! Can you believe it? If I’m remembering right, it was originally supposed to go up at the very beginning of 2011, but because of a few technical hiccups and the fact that I’d never attempted a webcomic before, the site actually launched around Valentine’s Day.

And what a fun three years it’s been. It was always a dream of mine to make comics that people…y’know…read. And the world of webcomics has let me do exactly that (Google Analytics tells me that people read this comic. There’s also some nifty clipart of smiling social media gurus).

I know I say it a lot on Twitter, but thanks for reading. If I didn’t feel like at least a few people were coming to the site and getting enjoyment out of it, I probably would have quit about two and a half years ago. But at this point, I can’t imagine not doing a webcomic; it’s simply too much fun.

And I’m glad you’re having fun too. Unless you’re that guy who’s not having fun and whose comments I deleted.