Beyond the Closet Lives Another Race

Several months ago, a good friend of mine came to stay at our house. After watching movies and playing video games half the night, we decided to turn in.

Before my friend went to bed, he needed to grab a towel out of the hallway closet. He opened the door, grabbed the towel and shut the door, not realizing that while the door was open, Olive had slipped inside.

Eight hours passed, and we all woke up the next morning. As my wife made her way down the hall, she heard a faint, calm “meow” from inside the closet as if to say, “okay, I’m done in here.”

She opened the closet door, and Olive casually emerged. She had spent eight hours inside a closet without any form of commotion or protest. It made me wonder what she had been doing in there that whole time. Maybe she visited another world …

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5 Responses to “Beyond the Closet Lives Another Race”

  1. Meghan Says:

    What is it about cats and closets? Olive will sit at a closet and meow until you let her in. I think you’re right Matt. She’s discovered a portal to another world!

  2. zack kruse Says:

    Lizard people?!

    Quick! Get the teakwood weapons!

  3. MAAAT! Says:

    Heh, heh.

  4. Kyle Theobald Says:

    Oh man. They have fire?! Us meat are in trouble now.

  5. Engineernerd Says:

    Our dog Madison once sat got locked in bathroom for an hour. Never made a peep.

    Frequently, we have a dog lag coming up from the basement and get locked down there. They are typically huddled on the top stair when we open the door.

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