Boy, I sure am! First of all, thanks to everyone who is reading this comic. I literally couldn’t be more excited that you’re here, and I hope you’ll stick around each week for another dose of wackiness. If I could shake each and every one of your hands, I would grab an industrial-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and shake away!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the comic, had faith in it, and helped get it off the ground. Especially to my wife Meghan, who is an undying source of support and was excited about CAAATS! before the first line was ever drawn. Sure, Olive and Hazel are her cats too, but she would have been excited even if they weren’t.

To the uninitiated, CAAATS! is a comic about two real-life creatures, Olive and Hazel, and the peculiar love/hate relationship that they share. Hazel, an older Siamese cat, is calm, intelligent and mostly enjoys either being in someone’s lap or getting a little alone time to contemplate “cat things.” Olive, on the other hand, is a very young cat who is hyperactive, destructive and mischievous. Also, slightly insane.

Needless to say, these two personalities clash and they clash often. The fights that the two of them have are epic, but the funny thing is, they adore each other as well. There’s barely a minute in the day that they aren’t together. I suppose in some ways, human siblings can be this way too, but there’s something hilarious about cats doing the same thing.

And thus, CAAATS! was born. Pages will update every Wednesday, rain or shine. Thanks once again for checking it out, and enjoy!