A ghost story?! Where the heck did that come from?! First of all, settle down. I’m not fond of your tone. Second of all, I was watching Supernatural on Netflix one night and Sam and Dean (aren’t they handsome?) ended up in Fort Wayne, Indiana (woo-hoo, that’s where I live!) to investigate strange goings on caused by a troublesome spirit named Bloody Mary. Somehow, this got me inspired.

Now if you made it through elementary school, you’ve probably heard the legend. Go into a dark bathroom, look in the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times. Then a ghost comes out. Do it or you’re a chicken. BAWK, BAWK, BAAAAWK!

But what if the ghost were a cat? That’s the question that leads us to today’s strip. For the record, I realized after completion of the strip that Jerry is actually the name of the cartoon mouse, not the cartoon cat, but this is a free webcomic, so you can’t get too worked up about details like that.