When we brought our newborn daughter Georgia home from the hospital a little over a year ago, we were a little worried about how the cats would react to a new person in the house. Sometimes you hear those stories about people getting rid of their pets because they can’t accept someone new coming along and stealing their thunder.

Thankfully, the cats have been great around her. It took Hazel a little while to warm up to someone new, but Olive was instantly excited. One night, Meghan was walking around the room with Georgia, trying to rock her to sleep. Olive was following her every step, keeping a close eye on the baby. As Meg was putting Georgia down in her crib, she suddenly felt cat paws on her back as Olive leaped in the air and kicked. I guess it was hard for her to contain herself around the baby. She then took her post outside of the bedroom door, where she stays for hours. We think she’s standing guard.

Earlier today, Georgia (who’s now 1) even pointed at the cat bed outside the door and said “cat” because she knows that’s where Olive sleeps.