Every cat came from somewhere, but where did the CAAATS! come from? Well I’m about to answer that question, starting with Olive!

A few years ago, we were thinking of getting a second cat. Hazel had been living with us for a few months, and we were getting the idea that she was lonely while Meghan and I were at work all day. We needed someone to keep her company while we were gone, so the hunt for a second cat began!

We started to look around at different shelters and pet stores. They all had great cats and we were having a tough time making a decision. There were two black kittens that we really liked at one of the pet stores here in Fort Wayne, but we just wanted one cat and didn’t like the idea of splitting up the two kittens, as they were nearly identical and most likely sisters. As a hilarious side note, they were named Lady and Guinevere.

So we went home and thought things over for the next couple days, then decided to go back to the pet store and see if the two black kittens were still there. We arrived to find that one of the kittens had been taken home by someone. The other had been left behind. So we made our decision right then and there - Guinevere was coming home with us! But we had to do something about that name.

So what happened next? Tune in next week for part 2 of Olive’s Story!