So it was decided. Guinevere was coming home with us. But we couldn’t stand that name, so we went with the obvious choice for a black cat - Olive.

One of the pet store employees opened up the cage and handed her to me and she immediately dug into my shoulder with all of her claws and hung on for dear life. I think she really wanted to come with us.

I still remember the guy at the checkout looking into the cat carrier we had loaded her into and laughing at us because we had just taken “the feisty one.” I think that was a pretty accurate assessment.

As we drove home, Meg had the cat carrier on her lap. I would occasionally look over and see Olive’s arm reaching through the bars of the carrier and swinging at Meg’s hair. This cat definitely liked to play. As we got closer to home we began to wonder how Hazel was going to react to her new roommate …

Check back in next week for the conclusion of Olive’s Story!