It’s fall here in Indiana (and other places) and the temperature is finally starting to cool down. Some might say it’s even getting chilly enough to turn on the heat.

Heat is a great invention because even if it’s freezing outside, the heat can keep you at room temperature inside. But what if room temperature isn’t enough? What if you need oppressive heat? Obnoxious heat? Heat that makes you unable to move? Unable to breath?

Enter the space heater. One of peoples’ favorite fall/winter inventions that makes you feel like that guy whose face melted at the end of Indiana Jones. It’s heat with a grenade launcher in it’s hand and a tattoo of Dolph Lundgren on its bicep. It calls you a girly man as it chomps its cigar.

Now granted, our living room can be a little tricky to keep warm in the winter, as a lot of the warm air tends to move up into our loft. So limited, LIMITED use of a space heater is acceptable.

When this limited use of the space heater is happening, it tends to be Olive’s favorite place to curl up and sleep. Not next to it, mind you, but up against it so that her fur is touching it. We’ve had to pull her away from it many times because we were afraid that she would literally light on fire.

If it ever happened while we weren’t around, at least Hazel would be there to take action. We hope.