Yes, it’s true. Olive used to have a bad habit of digging her claws into the couch and leaving trails of tiny little puncture marks. It was really annoying and we weren’t sure what to do.

Then one day, I was searching the worldwide interwebz for a solution and read about tin foil and how badly cats hate it. If there’s an area you don’t want cats to go near, just lay down some foil and they won’t be able to stand it, said the interwebz.

Turns out that it was completely true. The second Olive laid one paw on the foil, she shot two feet strait in the air and ran for her life. We felt a little silly because we had scotch taped foil all over the couch and had to hide it when people came over. Then there would be days we wouldn’t even bother hiding it. We’d be like, “Yeah, we’ve got foil on our couch. So what? You probably do weird things in your house.”

Oh the things you go through for your pets.