Meghan and I were pretty lucky when our daughter Georgia was a baby because she didn’t cry very much. Sure, she had the occasional meltdown as all babies do, but seemed pretty content most of the time.

Until one evening last Fall. Georgia started to cry. Loudly. Relentlessly. Part of me started to panic a little as I tried to figure out was wrong. She wasn’t hungry, she had just eaten. She wasn’t tired, she had just taken a nap. I happened to look across the room as I was walking her and noticed that Olive was nervously pacing back and forth, worrying about Georgia just like I was.

I sat in the rocking chair in the room hoping that would help and suddenly, Olive jumped into the chair with us and literally put paws on Georgia, almost like she was trying to comfort her. I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing.

For the record, the problem ended up being a bad case of gas (a few massive farts tipped me off and provided a moment of levity). Luckily, they make pretty potent, fast-working gas medicine for babies. And we had Olive there to help :).