Om Nom Nom!


Cats are terrible at sharing. They’ll fight over one bowl of food when there are clearly two full bowls left out for both of them.

The same goes for treats. I used to give both cats a treat at the same time, but Olive perfected a maneuver in which she was able to swipe the treat out from under Hazel, pop it into her mouth and swallow it whole in under two seconds.

So in this strip, Hazel invents the Shame Net. A device capable of immobilizing those who engage in troublesome behavior. If I had a Shame Net, I’d use it in movie theaters a lot. Talkers and texters would get the Net for sure. Who would you use the net on?

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7 Responses to “Om Nom Nom!”

  1. zack kruse Says:

    I love that when Hazel takes a bite of food it’s like a bulldozer just scooping up dirt. Certainly this is because she’s terrified of Olive eating everything, so she has tog et as much in her mouth as possible.

  2. Meghan Says:

    I wanna see the shame net again!

  3. MAAAT! Says:

    @zack - cats get pretty savage about the food. The animal really kicks in - it’s really funny.

    @meghan - you’re right! The Shame Net needs to come back out since Olive never learns.

  4. ben tiede! Says:

    i would net my girlfriend! haw haw hawww! (sorry sam.) another great week for CAAATS!

  5. MAAAT! Says:


  6. Traci Says:

    Hmmm…I think we could use this handy tool at our house. Three dogs equals a never-ending source of entertainment. We’d have to net Spencer for sure (our youngest Yorkie), as he thinks it’s his birthright to pounce upon each of the other dogs when they come in from being outside. Sort of like a bizarre welcoming committee…

    Great strip, as always. You rock!

  7. MAAAT! Says:

    Thanks for the support Traci!

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