It’s hard to visualize now, but in the near future, we will no longer be living in a frozen wasteland. In fact, the weather will start to get quite nice, and as that happens, we’ll be spending time outside. Which also means Hazel will be following us outside.

But the funny part is, Hazel is has always been an indoor cat, and is completely terrified of being outside. It’s like the idea of freedom is impossible to resist, yet the reality of it is completely overwhelming. Dogs barking, wind rustling through leaves, that psycho rabbit from last year’s Easter comic. It’s just too much for an indoor cat to process. So after about ten seconds of the outdoors, Hazel is screaming and pawing at the door in the hopes of being let back in. It’s really funny to see every year.

I’m also happy to say that this week is the one year mark for CAAATS! It’s hard to believe how the time has flown by and I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to read and comment on the comics, picked up copies at conventions and shown all kinds of support on Twitter and Facebook. I truly appreciate all of you for making this little site a success. There is plenty more to come this year and hopefully for many more!