Every day before leaving for work, and when getting home from work, Meg and I give Hazel and Olive tiny cat treats.

It was tricky at first, because Olive is such a glutton that she perfected a move in which she could use her paw to swipe Hazel’s treat out from under her, pop the treat into her own mouth and swallow it whole, all in under two seconds.

We eventually worked out a system in which Hazel’s treat was put on the floor, but Olive’s was held a few feet above her head, causing her to have to stand on her hind legs, reach up with her front paws and get the treat, giving Hazel enough time to eat hers.

The system works pretty well, other than occasionally getting scratched by an overzealous Olive. She also likes to try and lick the cat treat residue from our fingers, which is kind of nasty, and causes us to have to scrub our hands.