As a few of you may have already heard, I recently made the decision to transition out of my job as a graphic designer/illustrator and start up my own freelance company.

It’s an exciting change for me because it will give me a lot more freedom as a creator and give me a chance to do more of what I love, which is make comics.

The company is called Boom Tube Studios, LLC and is located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am splitting the studio space with some good friends who are also creators; Zack Kruse, whose webcomic you can find here and Andrew Fraser, whose you can find here. Being in the space together will also be a good chance for us to collaborate from time to time.

I’ve set up a tumblr for the business, which you can find here. Feel free to check it out, or follow it if you’re into the whole tumblr thing. And if you have any need for sequential art or illustrations, feel free to contact me any time!